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My Father Le Bijoux 1922 Short Robusto Review

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The My Father Le Bijoux is a good cigar. It’s balanced, filled with all the familiar flavors of Nicaraguan tobacco we’ve all come to know and love in a modern day premium cigar. It’s filled with well aged tobacco, lacking any hint of immaturity, and well blended to perfect balance. Lots of of chocolate notes with a tangy dusty core. Great draw, even burn. Fortunately, for regular to heavy cigar smokers, the industry has stepped up the competition. The cigar fits right in with the rank of Tatuaje red and brown labels, and wouldn’t be out of place with some Illusione cigars, but having said that, it does not distinguish itself. It offers no unique flavors, no heavy spices or citrus, no consistent sweetness. What is good about it? Everything. The format is a good one for an evening smoke or a morning complement to a cup of coffee. The price point isn’t bad either, around 7 bucks.



La Dueña petit lancero review

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This is also a new cigar… Distributed by My Father Cigars, it’s got a Nicaraguan binder and filler and (actual surprise) a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. Anyway, it’s Janny Garcia’s cigar, and how good it is. I’m also quite sure it’s a blend from Pete Johnson and Janny as a collaboration. Either way, it’s a really balanced cigar. There is a leathery character throughout with a consistent black pepper backbone, also noticeable is a ain’t but relentless caramel flavor. It’s good. Smoke one.




La Flor Dominicana Oro Chisel Review

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The new La Flor Oro, wrapped with a Nicaaguan Habano wrapper is the strongest chisel I have yet smoked, easily beating the Air Bender in strength, though perhaps not in nicotine content. Anyway, it starts off with a earthy coffee bean character which stays strong throughout the stick… Every puff is rich with fresh ground coffee beans. One can detect a consistent background of topsoil like earthiness. A few notes of citrus are present, intermingled with the slightest hints of pencil lead. All in all, great smoke, which will only get better with age. Also, the tubos look awesome. Gray look, solid ash, good draw, somewhat uneven burn. 88 pts roughly





Partagas 1845 Review

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The new Partagas 1845 is undeniably a tasty cigar. It started a bit slow with those familiar tastes that usually brim from American Market Partagas cigars of the past. It was thick, probably 58 or 56 ring gauge. The roasty, nutty, slightly sweet, coffee bean flavors are complemented by leather and some earthy notes. It seemed to be a pretty straight forward cigar. Not terribly complex, but enjoyable, full bodied, and a great complement to a cup of strong coffee. 88 cursory rating. Try it to see if you dig it.






Roxor Deluxe Maduro Churchill Review

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For me, Roxor has been hit and miss. I don’t think I’ve ever had a Roxor that I have outright disliked, but I have never reached for one as my first choice in a humidor, so with this stick, I’ll do. Bit of deep thinking. This cigar was big when I picked it out of my humi. It was hefty, the ring gauge is at least fifty, probably a fifty two. The wrapper is silky and beautiful with some veining and a light consistent toothiness, not too oily, but nice to touch, with a bit of sheen. The draw is easy, and the burn is even. Ash: a perfect medium gray. From an aesthetics standpoint, nearly perfect. The flavor profile is not what one usually gets from a Nicaraguan puro, however. It’s very smooth, and has lots of black coffee, even a few hints of iron (like rust or blood). There are a few hints of pepper, though they are subdued… Not like the sharp bursts of black pepper one gets from other cigars. There is also a refined sweetness… Like a fig or raisin sweet. The main flavors are not subtle however, they’re quite bold. I am still not sure if it’s my bag, but it’s a well made cigar and has a great taste (not a single note of ammonia or fingerpaint that one usually tastes on a young cigar). Try one and decide if you dig it or not. Just know that you cannot call it a bad cigar.



Aging Room M365 review

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This cigar is definitely well made and a great smoking experience. This Dominican cigar is a tad soft, has a chewy consistency, and a good draw… not great, but good. The ash is white and flaky. The overall experience is similar to smoking a Kristoff. Tastes consist of fabulous aged tobacco ( as the name honestly implies) a few notes of spice, some vanilla, very smooth, and very refined. It’s not light like a Davidoff, though it does possess a crisp taste profile, though some of the notes are mottled. Medium bodied, and overall very likeable. 90 points off the cuff. Though it’s subject to change when I smoke more.




Pinar Del Rio: Liga Especial

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What can I say? I have seen this cigar before, but never got around to lighting one up. It is beautiful on the outside with a super dark and toothy wrapper, and three silver bands. The ash is dark and the draw is easy. The smoke is thick and very very similar in taste to the Liga Privada. Dark chocolate and some dusty earth notes are immidiately noticeable and carry through the cigar with barely any spice. A leathery espresso overtone eventually complements the chocolate and even a few citrus notes come into play. It’s a great cigar. Full flavored, full bodied, medium in strength. Plus, if you’re a Ligero fan, you’re in luck, because that’s all the tobacco in the filler.





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