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Article: 5 Top Tips to Find Your Perfect Pair!

5 Top Tips to Find Your Perfect Pair!
Perfect Pair

5 Top Tips to Find Your Perfect Pair!


Hey, this is Megs from Life Less Common Sunglasses. Here are my 5 Top Tips to help you discover your perfect pair of sunnies this summer!

  • 1: Know your face shape

Not knowing your face shape is like not knowing your shoe size. You end up randomly trying styles on and nothing really feels right. 

  • 2: Opposites attract!

Choose a frame shape that is opposite to your face shape. If you have a square face, choose a rounder style frame and vice versa.

  • 3: You get what you pay for!

Make sure you choose a quality frame, that is light on your face and can be adjusted back into shape, especially if you wear your sunnies on your head like I do.

  • 4: Choose a quality lens

Choose a lens that is polarised with 100% UV protection. This offers amazing clarity and colour definition, but also protect your eyes.

  • 5: How will you know if they suit you?

Well, if you put them on and you get that instant life in confidence, then those are the sunnies for you! A great pair of sunnies that fits well and looks fabulous has the power to lift your confidence and make you feel amazing!

Click here to view the collection and discover your perfect pair of sunnies this summer!

Megs x


Life Less Common


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